Solution for Ship Manager

Aquila was developed by Stage 3 Systems to overcome the many challenges that you may face while managing new shipbuilding projects.

One of Aquila’s key benefits is that it helps you organize and track communications without needing to pass back and forth hundred of emails and their attachments – and instead provides you with modules to more efficiently schedule events, approve plans, track FATs, NCRs and inspections, and store final drawings and documents.

A dashboard provides a visualisation of your data so that you can easily monitor the status of your projects and quickly identify problem areas. Not only do all of your communications stay current and visible, but they are also stored long-term and remain globally accessible to vessel operators so that they can be used to inform future projects.


Manage Projects, from Start to Finish

Aquila provides you with simple scheduling, planning, and tracking modules to help you quickly identify and resolve issues at each phase of a ship’s design and build.

Event Scheduling

Create events against your vessels to keep track of major milestones, build events, and inspections. Quickly see upcoming events and keep a log of changes in dates.

Plan Approval

Distribute drawings to participants, and organize thousands of plan-approval comments and replies by creating organised conversations for each item. Keep priorities straight by filtering plans by category, overall status, what’s in already in progress, what's urgently due, or where a reply is owed.

Inspired by the "chess-clock," reply management is made simpler through an automatic countdown beginning as soon as any official reply is completed by either party. And because discussion is sometimes needed before moving forward, Aquila makes it possible to view private conversations in an internal conversation panel, making it easy to keep a record of your messages, even after that conversation has ended.

Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) and Inspection Tracking

Plan, schedule, and collect documents for FATs and major inspections. FATs (an internal module not shared with other parties) operates like plan approvals, with revisions, official comments with replies and internal conversations, while also incorporating checklists, test attendance, and documentation/certification management.

Inspections have both a ‘Passed’ status and a final ‘Accepted’ status so that site managers can confirm that all of the required documents have been collected against the inspection.

Non-Conformance Report (NCR) Tracking

NCRs track issues arising during the actual build. Multiple issues can be managed, with each issue carrying its own status, photos and replies. Replies can include attachments, allowing both parties to show whether an issue was resolved satisfactorily.

Our drag-and-drop interface automatically resizes images for easy viewing, saving you from fussing with image sizes when downloading from a camera. On-screen, one click takes you to high-resolution images, so you’ll see what you need, quickly and in great detail.

Final Drawings and Document Storage

Once a project is complete, this internal module is the repository for the as-built drawings and other documentation that your operations group needs, wherever they are located in the world. Each final drawing and document maintains a revision system so that as they are updated, the most current version is easily accessible.


Track Progress

With Aquila, you can see key performance indicators (KPIs) in a dashboard. Questions like "Where are we at with all the plan comments?" or "How responsive has the shipyard been to our NCR requests?" are easily answered through data visualisations, giving management greater insight into the flow and progress of their ship-builds so that they can spot trends, identify problems, and make improvements

KPIs that are easily trackable include the following:

  • Total open and closed NCRs, including their respective issues

  • Open and closed NCRs by category

  • Statistics for shipowner and shipyard replies with both plans and NCRs

  • NCR activity over the last month

  • Total NCRs per hull

  • New plans over time

  • Overdue replies by party

  • Drawing comment status (open, awaiting revision, closed) by category


Take Control

To date, Aquila hosts over 200,000 files and 274,000 messages, which can be accessed anywhere, at any time, in a secure way. Robust user permissions in Aquila allow access to be granted only to those modules that users participate in. The level of access can be from read-only all the way to full administrative rights.

Access to internal communications and sensitive data is also controlled. While documents such as plan approvals, NCRs, FATs may be shared with those outside of the company, and multiple people can make comments and post replies, only a document owner can publish items to the other party, ensuring that all communications are properly vetted and protected.