Our vision is to create, grow, and invest in highly innovative technology companies, particularly in the maritime sector.


Our Portfolio of Partners


Stage 3 Systems


Aquila is a secure cloud-based communication, collaboration and document management application, that helps to reduce the administrative burden on a project team, allowing them to focus on their core duties related to the design, construction and quality of a ship.


SEDNA Systems


SEDNA delivers a transaction management system to help teams collaborate with others, organize information, and manage a job from start to finish. 


 Callisto Agency Systems


A3 is a cloud-based agency operating system for shipping agents. It helps them increase their performance with efficient workflows, allows them to analyse and manage financial exposure, and reduces the time spent on administrative workload.


True Bearing Insights 


True Bearing Insights delivers predictive analytic and decision support solutions to shipping industry participants. We provide machine learning as a service, with access to a team of data scientists equipped with the latest tools, techniques, infrastructure and domain expertise.


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