Solution for Ship Managers, Charterers

OnBoard is a cloud-based tool developed by Stage 3 Systems that gets your data from ship to shore quickly, reliably, and worry-free.

It speeds up your flow of information by allowing your crew to work – either individually or collaboratively – on reports from any computer on the ship, and then submit data to shore that has been pre-formatted and already validated.


Save Time Onboard

Your crew can create and submit reports more efficiently while onboard a vessel:

  • Use any desktop computer or portable device. This eliminates the need to walk up to the bridge, or down to the engine control room, to get the job done.

  • View data and submit all reports in one place. No longer waste time searching for files, sorting through countless emails, or grappling with archaic reporting software.


Save Time on Shore


Set up field validation so that data is checked for input errors before it gets to shore. No longer can someone enter an incorrect date format or place a decimal in the wrong place. This type of automation streamlines your process, and gives your shoreside staff accurate data for further analysis.


When your crew submits a report, instead of emailing it from the vessel and then re-entering the data after it reaches the shore, the information can be automatically imported into your maintenance, performance, or crew management system. This helps eliminate duplicate data entry and the errors that go along with it.


OnBoard can be configured to send reports directly to email inboxes, or programmed with its API, so that once they hit the shore, your shipping reports can be managed by the tools that your staff uses on a day-to-day basis. Ultimately, this saves time and reduces costs.


Take control of your workflow

Creating reports is simple, and so is changing them. When you decide you want to submit different information, and add or delete fields, you can publish a modified report to the crew with the click of a button, and they’ll get it right away.


Be worry-free. Anywhere, anytime.

Use OnBoard on a computer, tablet, or phone. It requires very low bandwidth to perform effectively, and it is offline-first. This means that if a vessel loses its internet connection at sea, the crew can still do their work, and OnBoard will catch up when the internet comes back. There’s no need to worry. Your data is safe and sound.