Our Solutions


Our systems enable you to standardize documentation between your agents, shippers and receivers. You'll conquer day-to-day shared email overload, fixing cargoes, documenting your deals, and stay informed about the worldwide progress and performance of all shipowners carrying your cargo.

Our Charter Watch system is used to manage the tracking and fixing of project cargo, general bulk cargo and yachts. Including the full transaction life cycle, from initial inquiry to indication, offer and fixture. Throughout the process, notes and files associated with the deal are easily centralised and tracked so your global team can stay fully in sync.

Our StarPort product is used by our clients to publish schedules to their customers and agents. Managing the creation and issuance of bills of lading and supporting documents enabling them to eliminate rework, improve document management and get paid faster for freight.

Our Vetting service enables the vetting of vessels for use, in accordance with client specific risk models. Combining industry sources and internal analysis algorithms. Once fixed, customers can monitor the vessels in real time for incident and counter-party risk compliance.

Ship Managers

You need tools that reduce your fuel consumption, manage the operational messaging overload, improve quality-control of vessel construction in overseas yards, and visualize HSEQ and financial counter-party performance in your fleets. These are some of the things our software for ship managers does. We have an innovative range of mobile, vessel based and shore side applications helping to transform our clients businesses.

Our customers use Aquila to build better ships together, OnBoard to collect and validate passage and noon data, operational information and files across their fleet and Fleet Performance System to analyse and study the performance of their vessels across a dynamic set of parameters and data sources.


Strategy and Consulting

Our dedication to the craft of software development and our deep experience in the global shipping industry enables us to help our clients solve their most intense business challenges. Every one of our featured products originated from the implementation of a tool that has helped transform the way that a shipping company gets work done. Our team takes a very hands-on approach: we work directly with you to understand the complexities of your business, and then propose solutions that are tailored to your particular needs. We know that building software isn’t always the answer to solving problems, so we also offer business strategy consulting that provides insight into how to better manage workflows, reduce costs, and improve your company’s overall performance. We work with clients to develop change management processes, build or deploy new systems, integrate our products or new components into competing or complementary systems and to strategise and execute on an entirely new unified approach to digitising their business.


SEDNA delivers a transaction management system to help teams collaborate with others, organize information, and manage a job from start to finish.

True Bearing Insights delivers predictive analytic and decision support solutions to shipping industry participants. We provide machine learning as a service, with access to a team of data scientists equipped with the latest tools, techniques, infrastructure and domain expertise. 


A3 is a cloud-based agency operating system for shipping agents. It helps them increase their performance with efficient workflows, allows them to analyse and manage financial exposure, and reduces the time spent on administrative workload.