Solution for Ship Managers, Charterers

Fleet Performance System (FPS) is a product developed by Stage 3 Systems that gives you clear measurements of each vessel’s KPIs, allowing you to analyze your fleet’s overall performance and make better decisions.

For each vessel, you can see data in real-time, and solve problems immediately, or use these metrics as a baseline for future improvement.

FPS was developed from the ground up as a data warehouse that collects information from many different sources, and then auto-generates reports for analysis. It is modular, so it can be easily modified to suit your business needs, and is highly customizable. It gives you the flexibility to grant access to reports (or data points), at a granular level, so that ultimately, you have the control you need to efficiently manage your fleet.


Gain visibility into your whole fleet

FPS gives you a 10,000 foot view of your vessel fleet:

  • View your vessels’ real-time positions, or pull up a timeline showing a vessel’s port calls and reporting history.

  • Gain insight into trouble areas by comparing performance metrics across vessel types or studying your fleet’s oil consumption over time.

  • Analyze KPIs, such as EEOI and difference in fuel consumption, for a vessel or individual passage.

Plus, FPS includes an alerting “Alerts” system that notifies you about potential problems the moment they arise so that you can take immediate action.


Bring your data together

Are you inundated with noon reports, AIS feeds, weather reports, and telemetry data, and other streams of information? FPS was built from scratch with the expectation that it would be collecting data from these multiple sources.

FPS brings all of your data together, in real time, so that you can compare monitored data, such as fuel consumption, with vessel position, or speed in a storm – or anything that you need to ensure that your fleet is performing at its best.


Optimize your workflow

We understand that different performance metrics and KPIs are targeted by different businesses, which is why we built FPS to be modular and customizable. FPS is not a one-size-fits-all product.

We can easily add new analysis and reporting interfaces, and will work with you to optimize your workflow so that you aren’t spending time trying to adapt to a rigid framework. You can also use an existing BI tool to access the underlying database to do ad-hoc analyses.

In addition, we developed the permissions framework in FPS to be highly flexible, to fit your needs. You can give a login to your maintenance contractors to plan their travel, or a login to your charterer so they can view only the data you grant through your Charter Party. Ultimately, we’ve build this tool to help you get your work done in a faster, simpler way.