Solution for Charterers

Charter Watch (CW) is a cloud-based management and reporting tool developed by Stage 3 Systems that aims to improve some of the inefficiencies faced by chartering desks around the world. In lieu of spreadsheets and text editors, you can use CW’s simple web interface to more quickly and accurately input inquiries and build indications and offers, allowing you to fix and rate cargo faster than ever before.

As well as helping you complete individual tasks more efficiently, Charter Watch allows you to work together as a team. With CW, you can generate reports that can help everyone across the organization gain a deeper understanding your market. And at the heart of CW is its most innovative feature: the Activity Log. The Activity Log is a visual timeline that captures key information about a cargo fixture, and tracks its progress in real-time, so that your team has visibility into what’s happening at every step, and can take immediate action to get a job done.


Fix cargo, faster

Charter Watch allows you to turn a phone call into a new request in the system with as much or as little information as you get from the customer. You can quickly turn this into an indication, which is sent to the customer with your company letterhead, and produce standard B/Ls and cargo manifests with the click of a button. Once the customer agrees to your offer, CW will create the cargo in your VMS and track your voyages on a dashboard, giving you an at-a-glance view of your availability. And with our Activity Log, the status of a request is always in plain sight, putting all the information you need in front of you so that you can move quickly and fix cargo, fast.


Understand your market

With Charter Watch, you can use advanced reporting features and a CRM to understand your market and better serve your customers. Since CW tracks all of your inquiries, whether they were lost or fixed, you can easily run reports that give you deep insight into market trends, popular trades, and competitive pricing. Charter Watch also comes with a CRM component, so you can maintain and foster long-term relationships with your customers, and ultimately fix more cargo.


Work as a team

The most innovative feature in Charter Watch is its Activity Log, which is a timeline that represents the lifecycle of your requests and inquiries. You can see a request as it happened, with all of the changes in cargo details, laycan, and freight rates. In addition, any discussion around the request, including comments from you and your colleagues at different stages, is tracked here, making all of your team’s work visible. This helps your team see what is has been done in the past, and what still needs to be done in the future, and then take action to meet the demands of customers as soon as the opportunity presents itself.