Solution for Ship Agents

Agency Operations System (AOS) was developed by Stage 3 Systems to give shipping agents a single point of entry where they can more efficiently manage their port call data. Whether they work in the same office or across the globe, AOS helps with the difficult task of getting all of your agents on the same page. It provides them with easy-to-read dashboards and advanced reporting features, as well as a full CRM and disbursement account suite. By offering visibility into their agency, and automating their workflow, AOS ensures that instead of spending valuable time doing administrative tasks, agents are putting their efforts into what matters most: providing first-class service to customers.


Gain total visibility into your agency

Agency Operations System replaces your office whiteboard with real-time dashboards that give agents an at-a-glance view of your agency’s operations. These dashboards provide agents across the organization greater ability to oversee the financial status and track the performance of all vessels, no matter if they have just arrived at the pilot station or if they’ve already sailed and need to be closed off. Additionally, with AOS’s single point of entry model, data that is entered in one place becomes immediately available to everyone, so that no matter where agents are located, they can see exactly what needs to be done, and work together as a team.  


Maximize your efficiency

Agency Operations System was built to maximize efficiency and minimize operating costs. Once data is input, AOS is smart enough to generate port call estimates and shipping documentation, such as B/Ls and SoFs. And with the click of a button, agents can automatically import information from your other systems, such as vessel databases or accounting systems. AOS also lets you easily create “To-Do’s” with self-adjusting timelines that are tied to a principal’s, vessel’s, or cargo’s schedule. These automated features help your agents stay on top of critical tasks, and saves hours in their day so that they have more time to use the CRM to build customer relationships.


Reduce your financial exposure

With Agency Operations System, you can track your disbursement accounts and import, in real time, the received funds from your principals directly from your accounting system. A ground-breaking port cost calculator takes in port tariffs and estimates your port calls in an instant, saving time and reducing human error. AOS then pulls all of this data into a financial exposure dashboard, and uses advanced reporting features to ensure that all necessary port call information gets reported so you can leave the office at the end of the day confident that your agency isn’t at risk.