Our multi-talented, technology-loving team is committed to solving industry problems in creative and innovative ways. From offices in Vancouver, CA, and London, UK, we collaboratively work to make ground-breaking software in a vibrant and open environment.



Founder & CEO

Bill Dobie

Bill worked as a ship agent, shipbroker, and chartering manager of a major US dry bulk carrier. In early 2000, he co-founded www.navarik.com and was CEO for seven years, inventing its core products and services, landing its primary anchor clients and leading it through significant growth. After Navarik, he worked with various software, shipping, and media companies. He then returned to the shipping software business, founding Stage 3 Systems, which runs major software services for shipowners, charterers, and agents around the world.

Bill has been programming since he was 12 and while doesn't code much these days his primary passion remains understanding a problem and then using design, engineering, thoughtfulness and craft to build great programs and solutions to solve it.



Peter Jackson

Peter serves as President of Stage 3 Systems, where he is responsible for company operations.

Peter’s passion is to employ technology and innovation to solve business problems. The desired result may include: compliance with new regulations, or improvements in business efficiency and effectiveness.

Before joining Stage 3 Systems, Peter spent 16 years at Seaspan Ship Management Ltd. where he was a Vice President and responsible for Technology Development, Technical Services and New Building.

Peter is a graduate Mechanical Engineer,  Licensed Marine Chief Engineer and holds an MBA from Middlesex University in London. Peter is also a Fellow of the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology, UK.


Thomas Charbonnel

Thomas has been working in the software industry for nearly 30 years in a wide variety of contexts, from hardware device drivers to the web, industrial desktop applications to distributed services, with a focus on performance, predictability and reliability.

He joined Stage 3 Systems in 2011.



Emily Tsen

Emily joined Stage 3 Systems in 2014 bringing with her 20+ years of experience in various disciplines from managing delivery and operations to financial leadership and stewardship. She has worked in a variety of industries including manufacturing, distribution, education, and technology.  

In her various roles, Emily has successfully built workflow solutions to help company’s meet the challenges of growth, expansion and change.

Director of Delivery & Projects

Niki Walton

Niki started working in the oil and gas shipping sector in 2000. As a Systems Manager for the Marine and HSEQ divisions, Niki was responsible for the development, implementation and overall management of a series of operational systems connecting ship and shore staff with tools to share information. Through several merger and acquisitions, Niki worked with multiple companies to merge compliance systems and processes under one governing platform.

In 2013, Niki moved from working in operations to working in technology as a Business Analyst and Project Manager for a ship building and marine services company. While in this role, Niki led several system replacement initiatives to upgrade technology supporting  Supply Chain Management, Shipyard Operations, Marine Engineering, and HSEQ. In addition, Niki acted as the Quality Manager for the Marine division while developing, implementing and attaining ISO 9001 management system certification.

With over 15 years of experience managing software solutions and working closely with stakeholders to solve complex process and systems challenges, Niki made the natural move in 2017 to Stage 3 Systems in software development and digital transformation. Here, Niki has been working closely with clients to develop strategies in digital transformation and machine learning.


Founded in 2010, Stage 3 Systems has spent the last decade building an incredibly talented Strategy & Consulting team – a group of specialists whose passion is to develop software that solves complex project management, data visibility, and communication problems faced by the marine shipping industry.

For more than a decade we've supported the shipping industry with easy-to-use, secure, common-sense software solutions for their information technology needs. We have a proven track record for making our customers successful through innovative leading-edge systems that dramatically improve business performance.

Today, you'll find our software in offices, shipping centers, and on ships around the world, because we're uniquely positioned to provide services across the whole spectrum of maritime activities. Around the world and throughout the shipping value chain — from shipowners to builders, charterers, and agents — we're proud Stage 3 Systems are making the difference daily for our clients.

Our mission? Creating simple-to-use software and backing it with solid support that includes top-level hosting, maintenance, engineering, and even person-to-person support from our staff when you need it most. Our clients include some of the world's leading shipping, agency, and trading companies, so we know there are lives, cargo, and profitability on the line daily. That's why we thrive on helping all our clients perform in new ways, safely and at their best, operating with worry-free efficiency for the long-haul.

When we think about the shipping industry, we think about the challenges it faces — dangerous weather, tides, scheduling shifts, labor challenges, the mechanics of ships and terminals, and so much more. We understand that our whole world relies on shipping reaching its destination on time, whether it's overseas food for supermarkets or the final span for a new bridge slated to open in weeks.

With all of that going on, the shipping industry doesn't have time for guesswork, incomplete data, or complicated programs. From our design through to our support, we get that.

Simply put, we help the maritime industry do stuff better, and we think our job is never done.